Do I need a firmware update and how do I get it?

AC200Max (approx one year old, minimal use with no previous issues)

Battery draining to 0% when unit is turned OFF.
We did try using it to see if it was a display issue - it’s not, unit is dead. (Yet, other times when we turn the unit on the battery display sometimes jumps from 60% to 100% within minutes.)

Discharged completely, charged (from home AC outlet) to 100%. Turned off overnight. Turned back on in morning to find unit has discharged to about 60% or less.

Heading on a trip next week so we’re in need of a solution asap. Read through the forums. Wondering if we need a firmware update.

Other recommendations welcome.


You can update the firmware via the app, if there is one available for your device: Here is how you do it:

Sometimes you need to ask @BLUETTI for the update by mentioning your device and serial number, so Bluetti support can make the update available for your device.

A well working Bluetti power station should not experience power drain when completely turned off. You should be able to completely charge it to 100%, then disconnect it. Store it in a closet and use it in case of a power emergency. But this only works if it is really turned off, not just turned on with the AC and DC output turned off. Also, the unit needs to be disconnected from solar panels and AC power to turn it off.

I got an AC300+B300 and I can turn it off for many months and it still sits at 100 or 99%. There may be a tiny energy usage of a few chips in the BMS and therefore I would charge it at least one time per 6 months. But the condition you report is highly abnormal.

Usually I advise to do a battery calibration by draining it and charging it back to 100% completely but you already did that.

You can try if a firmware update fixes it otherwise your unit may need to be requiring a repair. Contact your seller or Bluetti Support for that.

@KKS Please provide me with the SN and the firmware version of your AC200MAX and I can check more details.

Hello there, I hope I’m not too late with a reply.
Check my post if you like concerning the same issue on the Bluetti Forum AC200max-overnight-discharge.
This is a clip from that post:
As per the instructions given for updating the DSP & BMS
Disconnect all AC & DC loads & Inputs.

  1. Disconnect the B300 batteries before update.
  2. Open the Bluetti App and connect to the AC200MAX device and turn off AC & DC outputs. Make sure the phone is placed next to the device and there is a stable Bluetooth connection.
  3. Click on the Settings (cog icon) and select Upgrade.
  4. Click on the Upgrade button next to BMS.
  5. After upgrading, fully discharge. After that, recharge it again. Do not interrupt it while charging. Once the power is 100% fully charged, turn off the machine, and leave it the whole day. Then the problem should be resolved.
    New Updated versions are DSP 4005.08 / BMS 1017.03
    The BMS update ran about 45-60 seconds. The machine did cycle off and on a few times and as soon as I started the update my battery indicator dropped 3% instantly that would be the only anomaly that I am not sure about, everything else seems to have completed normally
    The DSP on the other hand took about the same time but ran the cooling fan really hard. It completed ok as far as I know.

So far, everything is back to normal.

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