Do I have the RIGHT CABLES? Or Do I need to do something different?

I have the ac200P. I basically have everything ran AC except for the ceiling fan and fridge. And really love the set up…except I am concerned about having to run the fridge and now the ceiling fan at the same time. I have been stressing out about how to run the two together…and just looked at the cables Bluetti provided…
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With those two, I ‘should’ be able to run the fridge? But then the kicker…they are not long enough. So, if I added
would that solve the problem? I have two concerns…would the aviation plug overload the fridge? Would the extension cord set up get hot?
If this works all I need to do is plug the fan into the existing 15a outlet and I have everything done!
Could I also add this just in case I need one other outlet or would that create problems?

Yes, utilizing the 25 amp 12 volt regulated output would solve your issue. And…yes you can extend the cable but just make sure the extension piece is not smaller in wire size than the original cable. This assumes you are referring to a small 12 volt DC compressor fridge and a ceiling vent fan. Both units should not approach the 25 amp output limit and in most cases not even half the limit.