Do 4 SP350 panels work with EP500?

I already have 4 SP350 panels and just bought an EP500 Solar Power Station. Will these actually work well together? Thanks in advance for answering this Newbie question.

OK. I think I found this out myself. On the Amazon page for the SP350 panels it says: AC200P/AC200MAX/AC300/EB150/EB240/EP500】 BLUETTI SP350 foldable solar panel uses MC4 connector & is designed to be used with most BLUETTI solar generators, including AC300/AC200MAX/AC200P/EB240/EB150AC50S/EP500

So it works with the EP500.

Hi @marcfest,

Thank you for your question. 3 SP350 are enough.

They will work, but not four in series – that will be too many volts. Three in series is all you can use.

You can also consider a 2S2P layout. May give you less peak power than 3S at noon on a perfect sunny and cold day, but probably more power for longer part of the day. Especially if conditions are not totally perfect.

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Would I have to be concerned about damaging the unit if I connect 4 350W panels in 2S2P layout? Because it’ll still be 200 or so more wattage than the unit is rated for in regard to the panels…

No. As long as you do not exceed the max voltage (which you won’t in a 2s2p) you will not damage the unit. It is ok to go over power or over current, it is commonly done to give more power on less perfect days. As long as max voltage is not exceed.

Note that you will not get 100% rated power under realistic conditions. You should expect around 80-85% on a great day.

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Thank you, @snowstorm :slight_smile:

@snowstorm - one more question: If I use both pairs of Bluetti’s PV cable connector, would I attach one serially connected pair of my 350W panels to one of the connector cable pairs, and the second serially connected pair of my 350Q panels to the other one of the connector cable pairs? Or does each pairs of two panels have to be connected with one another in parallel?