Display won’t come on on AC200MAX

So i just received my AC200MAX unit and the display does not turn. Only the green power light turn on.
Is there a fix for this?

@Castilloj73 Please contact with Customer Service Team: service@bluettipower.com. they would help you to complete the replacement service.

@Castilloj73 Has the display ever lit up? If you press andhold the power button for 10 seconds to shut off unit completely. Wait 15 seconds and then press and hold it again for 2-3 seconds, does the display illuminate at all?

Hello ,no the display never has lit up. . I tried what you suggested and the display still doesn’t turn on.
Do you think the batteries just need to be jumpstarted? This is a refurb unit that i just opened yesterday.

@Castilloj73 I guess that could be a possibility?? Normally a “jumpstart” is only needed when the cells are so low that the bms cant be activated, and I’m not sure the little green ring would light up if that was the case… but it is possible? I would try charging it via the PV/DC port first before opening up the unit and ripping into it. Also not sure what support has said, but the unit might be still under warranty so opening it up might void that. Keep us posted after plugging in either a dc variable power supply or a pv array within spec. The car charging method needs to be activated within the touchscreen display so thats probably not an option.