Display Permanent ON

I believe this is the most requested feature for Bluetti products. It gets annoying to press a button to see the display. People may say I can use the app but it’s a yes & no. I can check the battery level but the app doesn’t show me the estimated time remaining. I will definitely scarify a little juice to keep the display on all the time.
Any chance there will be a firmware/software update for this feature? We’ve been asking this for years :(

Which model are you referring to? Some models have screens that can be set to always on.

I have both AC180 & EB3A.

I agree… the eb3a needs to be able to do this… it would make the unit so much better… I have requested this before… please bluetti. make this happen.

It should be available soon.

@bluetti_cyousukebeegmailcom There is no option to set the always-on time for the screen-off time. Generally speaking, the screen will automatically turn off if there is no operation for 30-60 seconds. Because if the screen is always on, it will increase the power consumption of the machine.


It should be available soon.

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The power consumption of the screen is minimal and allowing the user to select how long the screen stays on is a big plus as a feature.

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@Scott-Benson Thanks for your opinion. I will give feedbakc to our relative department. I hope it can be achieved in the near future.

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I’m fairly sure there is no one at Bluetti that is already not aware that an adjustable screen time out feature has been desired for some time.

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Yes that would be nice for the AC180 to set the display on/off time

I’m fairly certain this is not just my opinion. This has been a negative for several years and almost every reviewer of the products mentions this as a missing feature that is important.

I suppose it depends on how you are set up.
I keep my ipad on the nightstand to monitor battery drain at night running my air conditioner. It’s certainly easier than having to get out of bed to check.

I don’t understand why they don’t just duplicate the touchscreen on the APP.

Actually, AC300 or AC500 has an adjustable screen time-out feature. But AC180 or EB3A do have not a touchscreen, so it may not be achieved. Anyway, I will give feedback to our R&D department.