Display menu not working ==> no updates / error solving possible

Since November 2022 I run an AC300+2xB300 system. It is chrged by PV only. It worked for several week, by charging the batteries, then turning on the AC outputs and use the power to run a fridge.
After a few weeks I suddenly cannot turn on the AC / DC output in the display. I even cannot acitvate bluetooth to update the firmware. Also resetting the whole system to default does not work. I can go through the individual sections in the display, but there is no effect, when selecting the button.
There is no error message.
Turning the whole system off by dis- and reonnecting the batteries has no effect on the failure.
Could anyone help here?


@Skamikaze , This may be the machine’s display is defective.
Can you try if you can connect to the APP via Bluetooth and can you open the AC,DC?

Hi Bluetti,
Unfortunately you cannot swittch on the bluetooth of the AC300 device. Nothing happens, when you click onto the button.
But Bluetti will pick up my device tomorrow, so I hope the issue will be solved.

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