Display forum correct on Android phone

I tried to read the forum on an Android phone, and tried a few different browsers, but the pages doesn’t seem to adapt to the phone display size, as on some pages the text wraps outside the screen area.
Does anyone have a tip how to use the forum on Android ?

If you can’t view the forum well in your browser, we suggest you download the BLUETTI APP, which has a module for forum.
It will be more intuitive to view forum posts in BLUETTI APP compared to mobile browser.

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Thank you, indeed the app is a much better experience.
Still, I was trying for some days and almost giving up from my Android browser, not even the login/join was visible, and thus it was not even possible for me to ask the question of how to access the forum before I used a PC.
As a suggestion, you might get more users to join if the pages are made usable from a phone browser, so that they don’t give up and conclude that it simply doesn’t work.
At least an announcement for people visiting from a phone, that they should use the App for a better (working) experience.

After you enter the forum address in the browser, there is an icon in the upper right corner, click it to switch mobile view.
Click mobile view and it will adapt to your mobile browser.
But browsing forum in BLUETTI APP is better.

I tried that, but it doesn’t help. The “Categories” page looks like this: