Discussion abour EP600

Is this the EP600 which I understand is a 6000W three phase inverter can be used as a 6000W single phase
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Hi @Larrigade , About EP600, single-phase mode output 2000W max, three-phase mode output 6000W max.

What a pity!

What a pity!
The majority of our customers are in mono 230V AC with Max powers between 4000 and 6000 KW. PV installation between 4 and 6KWc on MPPT 500V input.
Do you have a French interlocutor? Because I have to go through the Google online translator every time.

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I agree, what a pity!

I’m actually in the market for a system such as the EP600, but to me it seems like US-thinking was being applied to the EU-marketplace:
In the EU, utilities using 3 phases / 400 V with each phase rated at less than 16 A (!) are practically non-existent; however, we have loads of utilities using a single phase at 230 V and 16 A, especially in off-grid use cases. Washing & drying machines, (induction) cookers, angle grinders, wood chippers etc. come to mind. Also, single-phase EV-charging may in some cases be relevant.

But 3 phases at max 8.7 Amps each? I honestly can’t think of a single device that would be rated for that…

Thus, in my opinion the AC500 is a much, MUCH better fit for the European market, specification-wise…

For German customers the EP600 as home power backup will be a complete desaster.

All of my high-load devices like washing-machine, dryer, dishwasher, microwave, toaster, coffee machine need 230V & 10 A.

Typically they use 2100 W - 2200W in high load (while heating up).

All those device are working great with my EP500 Pro (3000W max.) in single phase. None of these would work with EP600.

Sorry for the inconvenience. You can choose to use the EP600 to connect three firewires at once to carry three-phase appliances in three-phase mode 400V directly, with a maximum power of 6000W.


With my installation operating with 3 phases (each phase with 25A max) and a total power of 15kWh, could I envision to get the EP600&BS500 as my whole house backup ?
Thanks for your help