Discover the incredible capabilities of BLUETTI MultiCooler

Experience the power of versatility with BLUETTI MultiCooler. With its Rapid Cooling Mode, Self-Cleaning Mode, and ECO Mode, it offers an exceptional cooling experience. Also, it has ice-making, refrigeration, and freezing functions. Here’s why it’s the perfect choice for your needs:

:ice_cube: Flexible Storage: Adapt the refrigeration and freezing zones to your preference! The multi-zone design allows you to adjust and plan the storage space according to your needs, providing flexibility at its finest.

:herb: Energy Savings: Optimize your energy usage! By activating only the required refrigeration or freezing zone, you can significantly reduce the energy consumption of your portable cooler, minimizing unnecessary power usage.

:apple: Ample Capacity: No more compromising on storage! Unlike traditional coolers, MultiCooler offers a larger storage capacity without the limitations of fixed refrigeration and freezing zones. Accommodate more food and beverages with ease for any occasion.

The MultiCooler can also be used without the built-in battery, flexibly connecting directly to the car power supply, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted refrigeration.

Upgrade your cooling game with the BLUETTI MultiCooler and enjoy its rapid cooling, self-cleaning, and eco-friendly features.:recycle:


Already really curios about the “Swap Solar” Series. Thats a complety new approach for Bluetti Powerstations and in my opinion one of the biggest upgrades ever.