Discharging -why?

please Help! Why does my Bluetti2000
DISCHARGE when trying to charge with 3 solar panels on a sunny day?

Hi Sue,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please check the following things first:
Have you set the PV mode before you charge it with solar panels?
Check the wire connecting correctly.

If you have done the above, the unit still can not be charged. Please check the solar panel one by one and see if solar panels work.

If all of them work, please record the video showing the problem to our customer service at service@bluettipower.com. We will reply in 24 hours.

Sue, if you have everything positioned, set and connected correctly you should see an incoming charging voltage amount on the display. That will tell you if the panels are connected and power is getting to the AC200. If not:

1-(assuming you have the panels correctly connected and positioned towards the sun) The settings mode has “PV” selected as the input source

2-Your panels are not connected in series and therefore not producing the necessary 35 volt minimum. If the panels are connected in parallel, they will most likely not be producing 35 volts or more and no charging will occur.