Disabled lad in need of help

Hello everybody,

I’m a disabled lad who has to use an electric profiling bed. At the moment I just need to plug into the 230v plug socket on the wall. However due to the impending power crisis I am thinking I am going to need a portable power station in case of a power cut. I have a Goal Zero Yeti 150 but that will only power a light or I pad. Would the EB70 do the job as I am Quadriplegic and can not function without an electric profiling bed. Thanks for reading!

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Greetings! Perhaps this might help: If your bed has a power draw <=150watts, Bestek sells a worldwide power convertor that could run off the EB70 (700watt) to convert 110v to 220v pure Sinewave. It would theoretically run for several hours. Just a thunk. Hope it helps!

Amazon source: https://www.amazon.com/BESTEK-Universal-Converter-Straightener-RED-Black/dp/B07Z5S6KBX/ref=mp_s_a_1_8?crid=3BHL2SDMUZAR1&keywords=110v+to+220v+pure+sine+wave+converter&qid=1646965340&sprefix=110v+to+220v+pure+sinewave+converter%2Caps%2C462&sr=8-8

Ask Bluetti for a EU version of the EB70 or other power stations that can supply 230 VAC directly without any additional converter.

Check the power requirement for your bed, the EB70 provides up to 700w, and the EU version with 230V output should be a good choice if your bed requires less than 700w (which I think it is likely). If you don’t move your bed all that much, the EB55 may also work, same 700w, just with less capacity.

Thank you, I really appreciate your post!

Appreciate your help, thank you!

I will check this out. Thank you, much appreciated!

The information I have from the user manual is, voltage in= 100/240v, 50/60 Hz

Current in= 2A max

Both the EB55 and EB70 would work.
The voltage is looks to be universal 100/240, so you can get the US version with 110V output or EU version with 240V output.

From the specs, it looks like the current is 2A max, which would occur at the lower 100V voltage, so we can assume this bed uses a max of 200W to operate. Being it is a motor, it would have a surge at the start, but either the EB55 or EB70 with 700W steady / 1400W surge will handle that just fine.

The EB55 has 550Wh of capacity while the EB70 has 700Wh. So it means you can raise/lower the bed more times with EB70 than EB550. How many times?
Assume it takes 30 seconds to raise or lower the bed, at 200W max, it would mean each rise/lower would require about 1.7Wh of power.
EB70, 700Wh name plate, about 600Wh usable so it can raise or lower the bed about 300 times.
EB55, 550Wh name plate, about 480Wh usable, so it can raise or lower the bed about 225 times.


I have just bought the EB70. Many thank’s for your advice, it is very much appreciated!

Follow up - This might actually be more useful, as it will step up/step down your voltage and is available in 500watt to 1500 watt conversion options:

Option 2 : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PS3NKWS/ref=emc_b_5_mob_i

OP doesn’t need to step up or down, their bed can accept 100-240v as is.

EB70 Arrived today. Charged up and worked perfectly. Thank you all for your help, I can sleep soundly from now on!

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