Disable wireless charging

Is there any way to turn off wireless charging?
The part where the wireless charging is located has a warm temperature all the time (hotter than the other parts).
Or is this normal behavior and I don’t have to worry about it?

@iOleh Welcome to the forum!!

The wireless charging pad on top is only activated when the DC output is turned on. It might be a little “warm” due to some residual heat rising from the internal battery… but by no means should it be “hot” or even turned on, if the DC side of your unit is turned off.

The wireless adapters do not generate any form of heat, just a magnetic field. But the electronics inside will generate some heat that will radiate upwards and warm the top. So it is not anything to worry about, and it will not harm any smartphone lying on it.


I wish I could not turn on that feature as well. I suppose it’s nice to have but I would think it’s not a very efficient way to charge a device and I never use it. IMO it’s not needed.

The wireless adapters can be deactivated but you have to open the case and remove a 5V connector wire. Or else keep the DC output off if you don’t use it. I don’t use the DC output nor the wireless chargers on my two AC300 units.