Different UPS + Bluetti ac180p

Hello, I have a POWERCOM RPT-1000A ups where my equipment is connected and your bluetti ac180p that I can not use it as a ups. I often have problems with electricity and the question is, can I connect this ups to bluetti, and I can have consequences from this or everything should work fine? Because when the power goes out, I have to turn off the equipment and reconnect it manually via bluetti.

I have attached a screenshot with the specs of my ups
Thanks for the help

Do you mean that there is no way to switch the load by connecting it to the AC180P output alone? May I know what exactly is the situation?
Does the UPS cut off the output after a power failure, or does the AC180 randomly shut down?
The above can be solved by pushing the firmware. (Please provide your AC180 SN and firmware version number)

I haven’t tried it yet because I’m a little scared. And I can’t use ac180p in ups mode, because it is charged in grid mode, and I can’t not use it, because I am from Ukraine and we are at war.
The question is can I directly plug my ups directly into the ac180p. Will it hurt ups or ac180p? Because at the moment, when there is a power outage, I turn off the equipment and only then connect it to ac180p (it is not in ups mode)
Thank you

Arm v2089,02
Dsp v2088,02
Bms v1039,01

I may not fully understand your meaning.
But the AC180P has a UPS mode that can be used directly. You can also connect the POWERCOM device you mentioned before the AC180P.

That’s what I was trying to ask. So I can connect my ups to ac180p and everything should work correctly? thanks for the answer

Sure, you can first connect your UPS device, and then connect it to the AC180.
If there are any abnormalities while using, let me know and I will have the team push the firmware to you.

Tested for 40 minutes, everything works fine.If there is something wrong, I will write back here .Thanks