Devices show "Offline" in the APP while travelling outside default region


Currently traveling in Europe and all my devices (three AC300s, physically located in Japan) show as off-line, while using standard WiFi networks.
On the other hand, when I tether my phone with another which has data roaming from a Japanese provider (which gives a Japanese network address - VPN-like - while roaming), I can access all three devices without problem.
All the other functionalities in the app seem to work fine, even when using standard Wifi.

App version: v2.2.6 (on Android 11)
Region setting: Japan/Asia

With the country/region settings above, the app seems to be talking to a cloud server in Singapore, on a network owned by SG.
As I recall, things were working fine as of last September (although I was using v1.3.12 at the time which did not have default region settings).

Obviously, I’d like to avoid using roaming as well as switching back and forth between Wifi and roaming, as much as possible. Kindly advise how to regain what one might argue is (or should be) the most important functionality of the app.
Thank you.

Slight correction to the above:
The cloud end-point the app is talking to when the devices show “offline” actually seems to be in Germany (Frankfurt) on a network owned by the German subsidiary of Alibaba Inc Singapore …
I have no idea where the APAC end-points (those that are presumably used when things work as expected) are and have no way to measure it with the current roaming setup …

@gbk Currently, we do not support connecting devices across regions. Users can connect through VPN.


Thanks for the feedback.

I think it is safe to assume that customers of a respectable company with a global reach and global customer base do, occasionally, travel between different regions and would like to at least monitor their devices back home. Also, it is not prudent to ask people to resort to using VPN.
As a matter of fact I own several devices from one of your major competitors as well and I can access those devices using their APP cross-region, without problem, as we speak.

Would it be possible to add (in fact restore, since it once worked, I believe, as mentioned above) this functionality in the foreseeable future?

Thank you.

@gbk It is possible and planned. The implementation of this function will be supported in the future, so stay tuned.


Good news. Thank you.
Please keep us posted.