Delivery to Ukaraine

Сan someone confirm that delivery to Ukraine is available? or maybe someone used delivery to Ukraine.

I hope so. Bluetti should donate some units to your country.

Hi @maximus1989 , We are very sorry, but at the moment we cannot deliver directly to Ukraine, you need to find your own channels for transit from Poland.

I’m trying to purchase one of your products with delivery to Poland but I get the error: This order can’t be shipped to the address you entered. Review your address to ensure that all fields have been entered correctly and try again.

But if I try to deliver to Ukraine, no error pops up and Bluetti charges an additional 100Eur to deliver to Ukraine. What is this?

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I have the same issue, pls help with that

Hi @valzua @NikitaG , We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
Our logistics specialist said that now the logistics policy in Ukraine has changed, please refer to the following.
Delivery to Ukraine does not need to fill in the Polish address anymore, just write the Ukrainian address directly and you can send it directly for an additional fee.
However, this direct shipping logistics method is still being tested, and it will take some time. If you are in a hurry, you can order through other channels.


I am from Ukraine and today I made an order in your shop and my order’s shipping method is “extra shipping fee for Ukraine”, could you please explain how it will be shipped? Will it be shipped to my address directly or your co-operate with Ukrainian delivery services? Also is case of direct delivery, does the “extra shipping fee” contains taxes related to my country?
Looking forward to hearing from you

Regarding the logistics of orders from Ukraine, order support has replied.
At present, as we are exporting from Germany to Ukraine, we will do customs clearance and tax declaration for Ukraine, and we need to collect VAT according to German law.
Logistics delivery method: Germany - truck to the Ukraine - truck to the specific address in Ukraine

We hope the above can help you.


Hm. I cannot make order with shipping to Ukraine, Kyiv. Have got error:

This order can’t be shipped to the address you entered. Review your address to ensure that all fields have been entered correctly and try again.
No shipping rates found for this address.

I ordered 2 power stations at a co-worker’s address in Italy so he’ll be able to send them to Ukraine.
But the next day I was emailed that my order was marked as a high-risk order by Shopify and it is refunded (I don’t know the rejection reason).
Till now I have had no refund and no support.

Good evening, @BLUETTI
Could you please help me, how I can make a refund for my order?

My order’s details are on the image.

@BLUETTI Issue resolved, I’ve got the refund already.

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Hello @RomanZ , I have the same issue. Could you please advise if you make order again via website or maybe you make direct bank payment as they advised ???

@Vilna I guess direct bank payment is not an option because of very slow or even almost non-existent client support, probably I’ll order from another store. Nova Poshta proposes an approach, which may be worth giving a try.
Can’t share links in this chat… Just google " Купуй зараз: портативні зарядні електростанції з Європи за вигідною ціною зі швидкою доставкою в Україну!"
Also, delivery to Ukraine still not works.

Hi, could you please help me out finding where I need to specify that delivery should be made to Ukraine? I do not see it in a list of available countries

Hi @Mykhailo , The sales department had to close the Ukrainian site for now because there is a serious shortage of BLUETTI models that can be delivered to Ukraine. It will be opened again if there are goods available for delivery.

I ordered the power station to Ukraine one week ago, no one answered me. I have no support and no refund. I don’t need your product anymore, I need a refund.

@BLUETTI I made an order SPF-EU-21650 with delivery to Ukraine.
Will it be delivered?

@BLUETTI thats what I got about refund. Please contact me ASAP.

Can I get a reply on this one ???