Delivery to Poland

Hello, I’m trying to order Bluetti EB3A to Poland, the checkout page says “This order can’t be shipped to the address you entered. Review your address to ensure that all fields have been entered correctly and try again.”. Yesterday it was working. How can I solve this issue?

Actually, I can’t order it to France, Italy, Spain, Germany… Seems it’s out of stock here and on Amazon

Same problem !!!

Hi @kovden @Sandertje ,
Has the situation been solved now? Your shipping address and billing address need to be the same so that the order can be placed.

@BLUETTI Yes, this problem is solved about an hour ago - but there is another - it rejects cards for payment - I tried with several different cards in both zlotys and euros

Hi @Sandertje , Is there something wrong with your bank card? Or are you using a VPN and it was determined to be a risky order so you couldn’t finish payment.

@BLUETTI, I don’t use a VPN. The problem is that I get a payment notification on my phone with confirmation through the bank app - as soon as I confirm - I get redirected to - with a message that my card has been declined. Tried several different cards.

I’m very sorry, but that may be a problem with your credit card. It was determined to be a risky order by the back office, which is automatically verified and we cannot change it.

I’ve purchased Bluetti Accessories at this shop:

Nice shop.

They ship to any EU country.

I made an order SPF-EU-18014 (Status:Unfulfilled), but received email that my order has been canceled, because of “high risk order”. I want to keep my order, and please advise how to do it

Hi @Vilna , We are very sorry, as this is determined by the system backend. We can’t do anything about it, we can only suggest you to buy BLUETTI products from other shopping platforms.

in email they send me the bank details and informed that I can pay the same amount directly and send a screenshot of the payment. Can I still receive some kind of confirmation of the order or an invoice for payment so that I have a basis for bank payment?

Hello, Please advise about ORDER number SPF-EU-17032 and SPF-EU-14803 (Status:Unfulfilled) when they will be delivered