Dead AC180. Non-responsive to charging

Close to identical issue to AC180 Non-responsive to charging.

Except mine seems to be completely dead, not turn on when plugged in, nothing happen on pressing nor holding on any buttons, nothing shows on screen… Just a dead weight…

Sent email for support on 11 Feb ([BLUETTI-Australia] Request Received #108585), no contact so far… very frustrating.

Was it left on and then after the battery shut off at 0% state of charge, the AC180 was left in that state for days?

Roughly recall it was left off with ~70% state of charge, then it was left in that state for about 4 weeks.
Though I can’t completely rule out if the unit was on (with or without AC,DC on) when storing as the unit was facing backward.

@jng Due to the New Year holiday, the response time of customer service may be longer. We have resumed work today and they will process your request as soon as possible.

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