DCDC Charger with AC200Max??

Hi all, I recently purchased an AC200Max and solar panels to take off the grid camping (my questions are at the end).

I already have a DCDC charger in my 4wd, so am wondering if it’s easy enough to hook the output from that up to the Bluetti to charge while driving?

My DCDC charger is a powertech mb3940 multi stage charger. It has allowance for a PV and car battery as the input, and up to 15.4V 20A output.

The output is switch able as follows.

Output (Charge) Voltage:

AGM/GEL: 14.3V (Boost), 14.7V (Absorption), 13.5V (Float)

Lead acid: 14.0V (Boost), 14.4V (Absorption), 13.5V (Float)

Calcium: 15.0V (Boost), 15.4V (Absorption), 13.5V (Float)

LiFePO4: 14.0V (Boost), 14.4V (Absorption)

My questions :

  1. Will this give me good performance if I want to charge while driving?
  2. Should I hook the PV via the charger or straight to the AC200Max?
  3. What output setting should I use on the DCDC charger?
  4. Would I benefit from adding the DC booster? Or is that just doing what the DCDC charger does in terms of the output V and A?

Thank you.

You can use the charger while driving, but the charging power will fluctuate and the charger itself will be lossy. It is suggested that you connect the AC200MAX directly to the solar panel.

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