DC7909 Splitter for simultaneous Charging of AC200max

I am using an AC200max to power my 12 volt systems in my van. I currently use the DC input port to charge while driving using the D050S DC charge enhancer plugged into a cigarette lighter port. When I want to AC charge while parked with the T500 adapter I need to unplug the D050S from the DC input and plug in the T500 adapter to the DC input. Does anyone know if I can utilize a DC7909 splitter so I can keep both options plugged in to the AC200 max. The PV input port is always connected to my rooftop solar array. Also, not that I plan on charging simultaneously with the D05OS and the T500 but if I did utilizing a splitter would that be a proglem. My main concern is not having to hassle with plugging and unplugging the adapters each time.
Thanks Rob