Dc output fault with 200P

Hello All. Im trying to run a Viair 450 P air compressor through the 25 amp output port on my ac200P and I keep getting fault 004, dc output short circuit. I ordered the 25 amp cable directly from Bluetti. The max amps that the Viair pulls is 22. The Viair runs for about 10 seconds before the fault. I cut off the end of the Viair power cord and installed Anderson connectors. The Viair runs off a 12 volt battery with no problem. Any thoughts on what’s happening? Thanks in advance for the help, John.

How many watts is the display showing before it faults out? Especially the surge when the compressor kicks in. The max running watts would 300 (12v X 25a) and if I remember right the max surge was around 330w.

The power requirments of your compressor are exceeding the output load capacity (yes I did see where you said the Viair pulls 22 amps) of your AC200P. The wire size on the cable is also too small to pull a constant load of 25 amps and that contributes to the problem. If you are handy with soldering, I would suggest using 10 ga. pure copper wire with as short a distance and you can get away with connected to the aviation connector and your anderson connector at the other end. Even if this worked, you are right at the ragged edge of too much.

Thanks Scott. I see that the second part of the bluetti cable is only 14 guage (the section that ends with Anderson connectors). I can’t tell the guage of the aviation part of the cable but it looks larger. I’m confused why the cable is 14 guage from an output that’s rated for 25 amps. Am I missing something? Thanks again for the help, John.

Thanks Eric. I’ll check that tomorrow when I have access to the Viair.

The first cable that came out was 16 ga. for all pieces. You have one of the newer cables that is 14 ga. No you are not missing something. I also had to build a cable with 10 ga. wire in order to be able to transmit sufficient amperage.

I also have a decent Viar compressor and it is a power hog but I don’t mind since it gets the job done. I ended up connecting a 50 amp anderson connector with short large cable directly to my battery and then used the 50 amp anderson cable attached to the end of my Viar power cable. That or using the clamps was the only way I could run the Viar reliably