DC input question

AC300, B300
If I’m maxed out on my PV input on the AC300 using the DC1/DC2 input port (4PIN) at 1,200 DC1 and 1,200 DC2, can I plug in a 500w wind turbine into the B300 DC input (XT90) knowing that it has an MPPT controller? Or do I need the D050S charging enhancer plugged into the B300?

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The B300 has only 200 watt solar input. It’s the B300S that has 500 watts but that doesn’t work with the AC300. I have only limited knowledge of wind turbines but from what I have discovered it is not best practice to use a solar designed MPPT charge controller for a wind turbine and it’s better to get a controller designed to work specifically with wind turbines. The Charge enhancer could work although less efficiently. You would need to make sure you get a 48V wind turbine to get good throughput. Check this video as to why Charge enhancer and watts at different voltage levels

Will a 48v turbine work with the D050’s MPPT controller? This would be the only way.

Sorry, wind charging is not supported yet.

That’s a Bummer Bluetti!