DC-Input AC500+B300S

Hi there,
just ramped up my AC500+2*B300S and now I am curious about to how to connect PV modules right.
If I maximize the PV modules connected to AC500, can I additionally connect PV module(s) to both of my B300S?

And regarding the maximum current it says 10A - the modules I already own (Jinko Tiger NEO JKM415N-54HL4-(V)) have a current of maximum 10,68A. Is this still acceptable or to high?

For AC500 PV charging please refer to the chart below, which is present in the AC500 user manual, you can look through it.
There is no problem to exceed the current, as long as the OCV of the solar panel does not exceed the rated value.

Thanks for your reply.

Regarding B300S-charging (via directly attaching a PV-module):
Will attaching 1 module with 415/312Wp, 37,92/36,02V Voc and 13,25/10,68A current be fine (STC/NOCT-values)? I would attach one PV-module to each B300S I own.

Regarding AC500-charging: Can I attach 2 chains with 4 modules each? Or the other way around: Do I need to take the STC or NOCT-values for calculation?

@bluetti_wwwpatrickwagnerde The following is a reply from the relevant engineer for your reference:

It is allowed to connect the PV module additionally to two B300S. The Jinko Tiger NEO JKM415N-54HL4-(V) has an acceptable maximum current of 10.68A, it will just limit the current to 10A.
Each B300S can be fitted with 1 solar panel of 415/312Wp and 37.92/36.02V is within the machine range.

AC500 has two MPPT circuits of 12V-150V each, so if the solar panel VOC is 36.02V, then four solar panels can be connected in series per circuit. If the solar panel VOC is 37.92V, then 3 solar panels can be connected in series per circuit, noting that the solar panels connected per circuit must be of the same type.

Sorry to ask again:
Do I take the STC-values for calculation (–> 13,99A Isc short circuit current / 13,25A max current Imp / 37,92V Voc) or the respective NOCT-values (11,29A Isc / 10,68A Imp / 36,02V Voc)? If I need to take STC-values I for sure can only attach a circuit of 3 PV-modules.

And it seems I took max current instead of short-circuit current - will 11,29A Isc still be fine (and lowered to 10A as you descript) to be attached to the B300S?

It does not matter if the Isc is exceeded.
As long as the total VOC of the solar panel is within the PV input voltage of the machine, it can be charged.