DC charging while discharging via AC

I have a small EB3A unit and want to expand the capacity by connecting an other small powerstation via the solar/DC input. I draw roughly 100W AC power from the EB3A, so getting for example 70W DC input load would nicely expand my runtime by some factors. Any objections in doing this on a regular base? If we have kind of DC pass through directly to the DC/AC inverter this would be fine, but I wonder if I put some “stress” on the cells when they are “loaded while being unloaded” at the same time.

Hi @Roland Are you referring to connecting another power station with EB3A? Sorry, this is not allowed.

Well, let us substitute the other power station with a 70W solar panel, what would the answer be?

Do you mean to charge the machine with 70W solar panel? That is definitely allowed. In the case of matching the interface, whether it can be charged depends on whether the open circuit voltage of the solar panel matches the machine.

I didn’t ask under what conditions charging using a solar panel is “permitted”, but I would like to know whether simultaneous DC charging and AC discharging puts the system/the batteries under stress, or whether it can be done permanently without hesitation.

Well, it seems that I didn’t get my question answered, so maybe you can at least explain what you mean by stating “This is not allowed.”, when I ask for connection a DC source like a second power station while AC discharging is ongoing.