DC Car Charging Cable for the Bluetti PS70

Hello all! I got a Bluetti PS70 Power Station during the AC500 campaign and so far have really enjoyed using it. I like to charge it from either my car cigarette lighter or from another power station with the supplied car charging cable (usually the AC500 24 volt outlet or the B300S 12 volt outlet) as those charging methods are usually more efficient. However, after only a few uses, the supplied car charging cable broke (it looks like the cigarette lighter end just started to fall apart internally) so it is no longer useable. I contacted Bluetti service and they informed me that the PS70 car charging cable could not be replaced because it is no longer being manufactured. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement (preferrably of higher quality so that it can withstand the heat generated during charging from the 24 volt outlet)? I was going to attempt to shop for an aftermarket item but I was not sure what type of end is on the side of the cable that goes into the PS70 (ex. 8mm, center pin positive, etc.). Thanks in advance for any help that anybody might be able to provide.

I would suggest obtaining from amazon a male car charge replacement plug and replace the damaged male end on your damaged plug. If that is too daunting, you can get a replacement car cord that is used for a wide variety of items and cut and splice the wires. I would look for a plug rated for 15 to 20 amps for best results


@Pilotstt the ps70 uses a DC 6530 input plug. Which is like the redheaded stepchild of barrel connectors… probably why bluetti has gone away from using them since?? You could use something like this to make your own cable using 10-12awg wire…

Or I believe this little kit has an 6.5x3.0mm adapter you could use but I would keep an eye on it and make sure it doesnt get to hot…

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Thanks for the great information Scott-Benson and m.briney. It helped out so far. I did contact Bluetti and they also told me that it is a 6530 input plug. I have not done much soldering work so I was not sure if I wanted to try to reconstruct one but that may be the way I need to go. I did take a look at the Amazon option and I also found the following at Sunslice Car charger to DC6530 – Sunslice but I was not sure if it would work (amperage high enough) and I have not heard of the company so I was not sure on it. I really appreciate the good responses.

@Pilotstt That cable you linked appears to be what you’re looking for. I couldnt find any specs or details showing what gauge wire they are using, so I would just keep an eye on it and after its plugged in & charging your ps70, feel the wire near the connection points just to make sure its not getting too hot.

Thanks again. The feedback on this thread has been really helpful. Just for everybody’s information, I asked Sunslice company about the amp rating for their cable and they told me 5 Amps so not very close to the 15 to 20 amps mentioned earlier although it sounds like it would still work. I have access to the AC500 and B300S (enjoying both so far) and always liked the idea of charging the PS70 from either the B300S 12Vcigarette lighter plug directly or from the 24V cigarette lighter plug on the AC500 since I thought the DC charging would be more efficient than running the inverter for AC. The B300 socket is rated at 10 amps so I was able to charge the PS70 at around 120 watts and, of course I was able to charge the PS70 at around 200 watts from the 24V socket on the AC500. I guess I would have to build my own cables to get these numbers again. Thanks again for all of the help.