DC (AC200p) to DC (RV batteries)

Good Morning,

I want to reduce the weight in my trailer and use a smaller Lead acid battery. I will be carrying my AC200P with me for 95% of the time and was wondering if anyone has setup a DC to DC charger using the Bluetti as the source? i think this would be much more efficient than using a battery charger off the AC voltage.

Would be used to extend the usage of the 12V systems when shore power isn’t available and i can leave it constantly attached.

The DC coming from the AC200P from the high amperage aviation output port is not going to be as highly efficient as you expect. The voltage regulation makes the output no more efficient than running the AC inverter. But…if you connect a battery charger to the AC inverter, there will be some losses within the AC battery charger itself. How much loss would depend on the charger. If I were you I would find an AC charger that supplies the desired amperage with a high efficiency and charge that way.