D050S x 2 with AC200Max and B230 overcurrent charge fail 008

Hi all, I have a problem with my new B230 and 2nd D050s.

Short version:
The two D050s connected (one each) to my AC200Max and B230 each work fine when using one or the other, but the AC200Max faults 008 (over current) when trying to charge from both simultaneously.

Longer version with background and validation steps:

First, I have used my AC200 with a solar array connected to the PV input, and my first D050s charging the 2nd AC input from a 48v SLA battery (which has its own solar array) for a year now, and it has worked great (the 2nd slowly charges the SLA all week, and then I can draw on it day or night for weekend events in my mobile workshop) It has been trouble free.

I recently decided I wanted to raise max input to the AC200Max, and so bought a B230 for the extra charger input it would provide as much as (actually more than) more battery capacity (though that it nice). I had this B230 connected to a 3rd solar array via a 2nd D050S and that works fine as well, proving I think, that both D050Ss are connected fine. It works, but it’s not a lot of extra charge rate just because of the relatively small 3rd array. Fine.

I have now upped that 3rd array a bit and instead of connecting it to the new B230 directly via the 2nd D050s, I am routing that array (which can go over 60v) to a Victron controller into my 48V SLA bank, and then that bank connects to the 2nd D050s and then to the B230.

Used alone, this works great, and I can charge the B230 at around 450w, just as I could previously charge the AC200Max at around 450w, day or night, via my big SLA bank. In theory, I should be able to charge the AC200max by day with 1) the main solar array, and 2) D050s #1 from the SLA and 3) D050s #2 from the SLA via the B230. And by night, when needed, just by 2) and 3)

But, while two D050s connected (one each) to my AC200Max and B230 each work fine when using one or the other, when trying to charge from both simultaneously, the AC200Max faults 008 (over current)

What could be causing this? Of what use is the charging port on the B230 if I can’t use it with a Bluetti supplied charger while having it connected to the AC200Max also charging from a Bluetti supplied charger?

This was my whole reason for buying the B230 and 2nd D050S.

It’s all very perplexing, as I have a year of validating one part of the system working perfectly, and a month of the 2nd system, but now DOA when using both.

If anyone can shed any light or share any ideas, I’m all ears.


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I will add a bit more troubleshooting I’ve done since.

Though I can’t charge both the AC200Max and B230 simD050Ss, I in fact CAN charge both simultaneously with a pair of black bricks (T500s? – whatever the stock chargers are with each).

So then I decided to try combos. If I put a T500 charging the AC200Max, and then either one of the D050Ss singly into the B230, it works.

But if I put a T500 charging the B230, and then connect either D050S to the AC200Max, both chargers kick the relays and drop to zero charging.

I suppose that means I could connect my big SLA bank to an inverter to charge a T500 into the AC200Max and then one of the D050Ss into the B230, but that’s a whole inefficient extra conversion cycles 48vdc to 120ac to 48vdc again.

@rogblu Sorry for my late reply. I suspect one D050S may be defective. You can cross-check with the T500 and D050S.

Hi, and thank you for the reply.

Just after I wrote this, that D050S did indeed fail (and I only got it a few months ago)
I was going to contact you about warranty, but in order to get running quickly, I also ordered another unit on ebay.

It initially worked, but then also failed the 2nd day. I now have two new and nearly new D050Ss that have failed.

Each one was tested individually (alone first) and each could charge either the B230 or the AC200max.
But then the 2nd failure.

Am I not supposed to be able to charge both the B230 and AC200max simultaneously from a pair of D050S? This doesn’t make sense to me. It is the whole reason I bought the B230 and (2nd) D050S combo – to gain another charge input to my AC200Max. I didn’t really need more battery, but rather just needed a 3rd input to the AC200Max. This has been frustrating and expensive AND doesn’t work. The first two aren’t great, but the 3rd is a deal breaker. I hope you can help me.

I just had a similar issue. A very comparable set up. AC 200 max and two b230’s. DC charging enhancer connected to the AC200. which is connected to a DC to DC charger in my vehicle. All of a sudden I start getting over current. tested with the t500 that worked. I had a second DC charging enhancer. swapped him out. same issue. connected the 350 w panel. that worked, but the wattage displayed on the AC200 was significantly higher than the wattage displayed on my inline meter. this made me think that the computer was misreading the input amperage. Solution disconnect the DC charge enhancer, disconnect the PV from the AC200. shut down the b-230. shut down the AC200. Wait 2 minutes. then power on the AC200 power on the b-230, reconnect the PV. system looks normal. last step reconnect the DC charge enhancer. and everything’s good the wattage. the AC200 sees is the same wattage that might inline meter sees. Hope this helps.

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@rogblu We’re sorry that our engineers can’t reproduce the problem. When they try to connect as you describe, no error will be reported. Maybe you can do as @bluetti_chadneygreenegmailcom said to test.

it’s interesting that the engineers just spoke to were unable to recreate the issue. but when I spoke to support via email when they spoke to engineering they said that yes this could be an issue and here’s their response.
I have requested a diagram as the language is hard to follow.

Dear Customer,

We explained your case to the engineers in the laboratory. Here is their reply for your reference:

When AC200MAX and B230 are connected, error code 008 will appear if both AC200MAX and B230 are connected to D050S respectively. If you change the charging method of AC200MAX to a T500 adapter, the problem can be solved.

In general, if D050S is connected to AC200MAX and B230 respectively, an error will be reported. If both D050S are connected to B230 or both are AC200MAX, no error will be reported.

In addition, there will be no overcurrent problem when AC200MAX is connected to the T500 adapter and D050S is connected to the B230. You can try these methods to see if they help.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Let us know if you have any further questions

@bluetti_chadneygreenegmailcom Thanks for your feedback. I will check more details with our technician.