D050s Enhancer

recently bought 3 200W solar panels to power my Ac200max. but I noticed when I plug my panels in series through the enhancer I get a Reduction of watts coming through by about 6-7%. Is this unit faulty or am I doing something wrong.

Don’t worry, this is normal. Because D050S will experience some power loss during use.

What exactly is the D050S doing?
Because “enhancing” is not very precise

I would expect many customers don’t expect an “enhancer” to loose power so maybe this should be on the product page!?

It is converting the variable voltage it receives to exactly 58 volts, simulating what the ax charger charges at. I believe it has a built in mppt charge controller as well.

Really, I didn’t buy the product to waste time. I was hoping that when I am PV Charging it would enhance or increase the performance because every little extra bit helps. But not in my case.
I got a response from Bluetti :
Don’t worry, this is normal. Because D050S will experience some power loss during use.

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Since this is the case with my unit, Can I return it as it doesn’t perform as I was led to believe.
Thanks, Brent

So the D050S is just a battery charger?

that charges the battery with whatever power is available from solar (via MPPT?) and limits the output voltage to 58V?

So could i just use any programmable “48V” class MPPT charger for example

The purpose of D050S is to facilitate the connection of PV adapters and enable dual-channel PV charging. If you truly feel that it is not useful, you can contact our customer service team at service@bluettipower.com to discuss the return process.

Actually, The D050s is a Maximum PowerPoint Tracking controller. At first, I wasn’t sure how it worked, but I understand it a little better now. I have decided to keep the unit as it will enable me to increase my input from my solar array as I increase my panels. The D050s controller will enable me to input this added power to my battery via the AC connection while still inputting through the PV port.
As well the MPPT controller should help to stabilize the power source coming in from my panels and in the end hopefully this stabilizing will optimize my power flow.

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But your Ac200max alredy has 2 MMPT inputs?
why do you need one more? you have this mush solar

I dont have that much solar yet, but I am working on it.
I realize the MAX as an MPPT built in. But I am near the maximum input for running my panels directly into the MAX without an external controller. Does that make sense?

I have 8 180 watt panels divided into 2 groups feeding my AC200MAX. One group of 5 panels totaling 900 watts feeds the PV input on the AC200. The other group of 3 panels totaling 540 watts feeds the AC input on the AC200 via a D050 Enhancer. Adding the enhancer allows me to fully utilize the 1440 watts of solar panels.

this makes sense. if you already maxed out the internal MPPT.

If you have or want/can add even more solar It might make sense to buy a Hybrid/Of gridd solar inverter with Mppt input and a 24/48V battery system.

this would give you way more power cheaper and you can charge your AC200 at night from the battery’s

But i don’t know your application so i don’t know it this fits you

Thanks, for getting back to me. One thing I want to clear up. In my first post in this thread I indicated I connected 3 PV200 panels to my Enhancer then to the AC200Max. DON’T DO THAT
I made that connection in error, because it caused an overvoltage.
The OCV of these panels is 26.1V and the maximum allowed through the Do50s is 12-60V.

The equipment I have right now is the EB70, and the AC200MAX connected to B300 unit

My plan is to eventually have some permanent panels (500watts) on the roof and plugged into the MAx through the D050s and the other 2-3 PV200 plugged into the PV port of the Max. I can also take one of the 3 and use it to charge up the EB70, which only takes a few hours.
But unfortunately living above the 49th parallel the best days for Solar charging are fading fast. So for much of this plan, it is going to have to wait until next year.

But 3*26.1V is <=60V so why not do this?

That sounds like my mistake:
3 x 26.1 = 78.3

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That generally seems like bad advice

Hi @brocker
seems like you missspelled the adress. Its service@bluettipower.com not service@bluettipower.ca.

You may wanna try the contact form or the email adress provided on the Canada site.

Here: Contact Us - BLUETTI CA


The ac200max has one (900 watt) mppt controller. Perhaps you are thinking of the ac300? That model has 2.

With the D050S you can increase the maximum solar input from 900 (920 actually) to 1400 watts.