D050s DC charge enhancer

would I be able to use 1 200w panel to charge (some) with this? I have a 200w panel on my car but it won’t charge do to low voltage. I have another panel but it takes up my whole roof and I can’t use luggage carrier. If I bought this it would charge off my altenator and panels correct?

Yes, it works great. With a single 200 watt Bluetti panel connected to a D050s I’m getting 150 watts into the AC200P via the AC adapter port. I also tested it through the AC200P’s PV port where it was only getting around 130 watts average and the wattage was jumping around like the controller wasn’t happy with current.

Via the AC adapter port the wattage was fairly steady so I would recommend that connection which would also free up the PV port for your car charging.

cool thanks I’ll work on getting one then

I’ve been using the DC Charging Enhancer with 3 SP200’s in series to charge my B300’s before the AC300 arrived. They work great at getting some extra power (~500 watts) into these batteries.

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Will the DC charging enhancer increase charging time when using the cigarette lighter (no solar)?