D050S , confused expectations or issue

I’ve just purchased and installed the DC Charging Enhancer (D050S) however the results were much less impactful than my expectations. I beleived the booster would provide a much larger “boost” however what I’m seeing is minor. Are my expectations out of wack or is there an issue with this unit. The below numbers are from my 2 panel system, plugged iinto the PV line with mc4 adapter cable and then into the booster with mc4 adapter.

PV Alone:
Volts 39.1
Amps 4.5
Watts 162

PV on D05OS:
Volts 54.5
Amps 3.1
Watts 164

based on what I read and saw on videos, I expected the Watts to be much greater on the D050S.

Your expectations are our of whack. The charging enhancer simply raises the voltage of the input power but does not increase the total amount of power available (this is physically impossible because you would be making energy from nothing). What the charge enhancer does is allow charging from a single panel that is less than 35 volts to have the voltage increased so charging can occur vs no charging with less than 35 volts. The primary use of the DO50S is to allow it to be connected to the AC charging input port to allow another source of charging in addition to your existing solar panels.

The enhancer is not designed or will not boost your charging from your two panel system.

That explanation should be placed in the promotional material, it’s much clearer that what I currently see. There are YouTube videos showing that using the D050S allows them to acheive at total of 1400 watts using both the PV and AC (with D050S) attached to another battery source or array. With this explantion, other than being able to use a 2nd input source, they actually already had those voltages in the sources but couldn’t acheive it due to the limits of a single input… So that should really be the goal I suppose, using 2 charge inputs (without involving AC) to more quickly charge the unit.

Correct. The charging enhancer simply raises the voltage to a level that mimics the 58.5 volts charging input of the AC charging brick allowing others sources to be input. The catch is that you cannot output any more than is being input in total electrical power. With all that said, it is a very useful device for someone that has more panels than can be accepted through the PV port or for a person that has a single panel and wants to trickle charge or even using a 12 volt battery or vehicle to input some wattage through the charging enhancer while utilizing a panels at the same time.

For me the D050S is working exactly as advertised by putting an additional 470w of solar into my AC200P getting me close to its 1200w limit.

Exactly. As long as you feed it the necessary amperage from your source of choice, you can get the max output.