D050s charger with eb70?

Has anyone used the d050s charger to input more watts via solar to the eb70?

I see you can use the 400w charger on it and charge the eb70 at 400w ac

So i was wondering if the d050s could be fed with 400w solar into it?


Hi @Newsolarfan, the d050s charge enhancer is not compatible with the EB70. The D050S outputs around 58.8V but the EB70 only accepts DC voltages of 12-28V @ 8A max. You will fry your EB70 if you try this. The EB70 accepts a maximum of 200W of DC input (regardless if this is solar or another DC source).

What exact panels do you have?

Okay thanks. I must have misunderstood what the d050s charger does. I thought it converted dc to Ac power.

Because i notice on the b300 batteries that you can use the d050s to put solar dc into the ac charging slots so that each b300 battery can effectively have 700w solar direct in addition to the charge the main ac300 unit can put in.

I have seen youtube that people are using 400w ac power bricks to charge the eb70 and eb55 at 400w.

But if this d050s does not convert dc to ac then i dont want to fry my eb70.

I get about 160w solar into my eb70 but would prefer more. My eb240 and eb180 get topped out at 511w which is much more useful with limited sunshine here.

I think i misundstood what the d050s can do.


so if the d050s can only output 58.8v and the EB70s can only accept up to 28v (same as EB3a), is there any plan for a (d028s?) that is designed to output max 28V so we can use a larger variety of solar panels on the smaller units like the EB70s and EB3a?
This would also be useful to allow the B230 to plug into the EB70s and EB3a.

Which you can do today: cigarette lighter port → DC7909 input. You’re limited to around 100W of input though this way.

The ports are labeled as AC input ports because they are meant to be fed by an AC adapter that converts the electricity to DC before entering the power station. The actual input is DC but has to be at 58.8V - it doesn’t feature an MPPT controller. The D050S does have a built-in MPPT controller and then transforms the input 12-60V voltage to 58.8V output.

It does not, it only accepts DC and outputs DC. Check out the D050S manual here.

160W out of 200W is already pretty good for EB70 solar input. For most EB3A/EB55/EB70 users it’s practically not possible to hit the 200W max because your operating input voltage would have to be 25V which most solar panels can’t do, at least not without exceeding the open circuit voltage max of 28V for the EB70. My portable 100W solar panel has an open circuit voltage of 20V and at full load goes down to 16-17V. With two in parallel I could only get 153W max solar input into my EB3A.

i was referring to the max of the pv input so 200W at 28V so 7A.
a dc converter designed to convert to that power level would allow us to plug in the B230 or a 60V solar panel or another battery that outputs above 28V like some 24V batteries can go as high as 29V.

Thanks for all these answers. You’ve helped me understand this all a lot more.

Even if it did convert DC to AC, you would fry your EB70. The EB70 only accepts DC input power. The charging brick with the EB70 converts the AC wall power to a lower DC charging voltage.

i was talking converting DC to lower voltage DC (less then 28V) so legal for the PV input on the EB3a or EB70s.

The DO50 S coverts a lower voltage to a higher voltage only

Yes, that is the problem.
I am wishing for an additional unit targeting the EB70s and EB3a designed to step down voltage (like the D300s) but from 29v-150v down to 28v so that a string of solar panels for AC200P/MAX can also be connected to the EB70s/EB3a (could also protect against accidentally plugging in the wrong solar panels and frying the EB70s/EB3a.
It would also be usable to connect the 58.8V batteries to the EB70s/EB3a.

I was wanting the same thing the other day, so you can actually get the 200w charge that the marketing people run off on you. Kinda like a lawnmower being sold with a horsepower rating you can only get if you run nitromethane in it or something. XD

If you look at the D050S manual it actually states a range for output as well as input. For output it states:
8.2A MAX

So doesn’t it stand to reason that the D050S can actually accommodate either the EB55 or EB70 with 200 watts of additional power of properly panelled? I have have an EB55 and a D050S with 2x 100w panels and plan to test tomorrow.

Given Bluetti do not state explicit D050S compatibility with the EB55 or EB70 you are doing this at your own risk and could at worst break your power station which your warranty would not cover! I would strongly recommend against this. Again, only proceed if you are willing to lose your power stations.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that 62V into an EB3A will 100% irrecoverably break it and enable the hidden internal smoke machine feature. The overvoltage protection, if at all present, only seems to protect against a few volts over 28V but definitely not 58.8V.

Two things:

  1. At the very least use a multi-meter to measure the output voltage of the D050S before plugging it into your EB55 or EB70 which accept up to 28V of DC input. If it measures above this, do not plug it in.
  2. Unless the D050S uses some magic feature to communicate with the power station it is connected to, it stands to reason that it will try and output at the highest voltage it can (up to 58.8V) and will not know that your EB55 or EB70 have a max of 28V.

Lastly, of course for science, I am curious under what conditions the D050S will not output its maximum of 58.8V. @BLUETTI, could you find out and share with us?

Hi @Viperrysti , D050S is only compatible with the B230/B300/EB150/EB240, AC200/P/Max and is not compatible with the EB55 or EB70.
Please note that the user manual states: Before using this DC Charging Enhancer,please make sure that your devices cantake DC input voltage higher than 58.8V or this may cause irreversible damage.

@bxm6306 , Under normal use, the D050S probably outputs about 55V.