contacting bluetti with account problem

i have tried several times to contact bluetti about a problem pertaining about an item in my cart.
i placed a eb3a in my cart and i used a 50.00$ coupon and it reduced the total by that much but the reasin i did not finalize the purchase was as hard asi tried, it would not take the military discount so i let the item stay in my cart until i thought about it.
When i went back a few days later to try to use the military discount, not only was theceb3a not there now but the discount coupon ( bluetti bucks coupon) which i purchasecd with bluetti bucks in my account was also not there and when i checked my several times over the next several days, they had not been put back in my account.
The really frustratin part is i have tried phone calls which after waintin seceral minutes they not availBLE.
i tried several emails also with no answer.
has anyone had this problem?
Does anyone know where i cango to contact them and actually get an answer?
please excuse misspelled words and poi ts because i just had a right arm shoulder replacemnet and have to use my left finger to type.


@pulsi6 Could you please provide me with your email address so I can check the details for you? You can message me in private with your email.

@pulsi6 Thank you. I have forward your request. They will contact you ASAP when they are on duty.

when do you think they will be on duty? i have not been able catch them on duty for the last several times i tried.

@pulsi6 They get back to me that they contacted you via email, did you receive the emails?

yes, finally this morning. they had put the coupon back in my account and i haveasked them to reduce the price of the item where it was when i tried to purchase it. i am waiting for an answer. thank you for askin,

@pulsi6 I’m glad to help you. If you have further question, feel free to ask me.