Connecting to 100 watt Solar panels to bluetti eb3a

Need help Connecting two 100 watt HQST solar panels to Bluetti eb3a , I’m assuming I need to connect in series,so I dont go over amps? Any help appreciated thank you

You cannot exceed the maximum voltage input limit of 28 volts DC. In your case with these panels you would need to connect two panels in parallel giving you a max voltage of 20.5 and maximum amperage of 11.36 amps. You can exceed the max amp input of 8.5. In reality this combo would give you (17.6 max op. volts) X (8.5 max input amps) giving you a max of 149 possible input watts.

Thank you for the quick response, I appreciate that. I will be picking up a y connector tomorrow Connecting it all and see how it works, thank you