Connecting Solar Panels

What parts do I need to connect my three PV200 solar panels together?

Then, how do I connect all 3 solar panels to my AC200MAX input for charging?

Last question: If I keep my Power Station in the basement and the solar panels outside, I will need longer wires. What type of wires and where to obtain them?

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Hi @Kwanin , welcome to BLUETTI community!
Regarding the question you mentioned, this video below “AC200MAX Solar Charging” should help you.

Regarding the last question, yes, you will need extension cords: get 12AWG for 200W or more. 10AWG extension cords are also available for connection.

Thanks for the helpful video. So, do I get a 12AWG XT 90 cable extension cord or 12AWG Aviation extension cord? Do I purchase at Bluetti? Part number? Link to purchasing item?

Appreciate it…

The AC200MAX has a standard MC4 to aviation plug. So you just need a MC4 extension cable.

I bought mine from Amazon. I looked around for 12ga but I could only find 10ga. Lower numbers allow for more power but cost more

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Thanks so much! It’s off to shopping I go.


If you are getting a long cable, get 10ga. Lower resistance and less power loss. It is worth the extra cost.

If you are doing lots of parallel verses series connection, lower voltage require heavier guage.

Just a test I’m new here

Can I connect 3,200 watts to my AC500 with 2x B300s?

From my understanding the AC500 can accommodate 2 sets of MC4 connectors. Can each set of MC4 connectors take 1,500W max, VOC 12-150VDC, 15 amps?
Does the AC500 support 12 or 15A DC input from solar panels. Online it says 12A everywhere, on the unit it says 15A.

@ProfessorDre , If you are referring to the PV input power, the maximum is only 3000W. 15A is supported for each maximum PV input current.

As long as you don’t exceed the maximum voltage then you are good.