Connecting solar panels' extension cord (10awg)

Hello, I’m trying to connect the solar panels to AC200MAX. The extension cables are 10awg. Do I need to do anything special to connect the extension cables to PV Charging Cable (XT90 - MC4)? I know it’s 14 awg and a lot smaller than the extension cable.

And just to make sure, the solar panel’s voltage is 12V each, and I have two. There is no need for the PV step down module, correct?

Thank you so much!!

The max can handle 145 volts and can draw up to 15 amps. Solar panels advertised as 12 volts usually actually are 20 or volts (it it’s 200 panel anyways). Just check the details (typically) listed in the back of the panel. You should be well below the max voltage.

The 14 awg wires it comes with are rated to I believe 300 volts and since it has a fairly high temperature rating it can handle up to about 22 amps safely. The down side of the wire is the losses are a little higher than the thicker 10 awg wire. This is more of a factor when using a long wire, the lower the gauge the lower the power loss. It’s all usually only a few percent or less though.

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