Connecting EB3A 200W with Sunologye solar panel 400W

*Dears, I recently bought the EB3A battery and that’s fine so far. But I am facing an issue because I want to be able to charge it with a solar panel Sunology which :
1/ can deliver up to 400 W => need what to interface ?
2/ has connections direct solar output MC4 12/28V or regular plug AC 230V solar output (after inverter Solenso H400H integrated with the solar panel).
Can someone help giving a tip for what type of device I should add to connect EB3A and solar nal, for solving both the voltage issue and the connector type issue (MP4 or regular 230V plug) ? Thanks in advance. *

@nido Welcome to the forum! First off, the EB3A has an internal mppt controller so you do NOT want to run anything in between the solar panels and the unit itself. Second… what are the panels VOC rating? a 400w panel typically will have a VOC of 40v or higher and you DO NOT want to use that with the eb3a unit. The EB3A can only accept up to 28v & 8.5amps of PV/DC input. Anything over that will more then likely fry your unit. The Bluetti PV120 and PV200 panels are good options for this unit.

Good advice from @m.briney - just to add, your reference to “regular plug” probably refers to panels with a micro inverter and these are not supported by bluetti products.

Use the MC4 to connect to the EB3A, which has its own MC4 cable for PV input.

Dear Mike, Matthew, Raymond,

Thanks so much for your quick answer.
But let me clarify something I am wondering.

The battery has an input 220V but 200W ; the panel has an output 220V but up to 400W.
Why not just add in between a device reducing the voltage if it goes upper 200W ? My question is more to know which device I should buy.

Best regards to all of you

Do not use the 220V panel output! That is a micro inverter output, and the Bluetti EB3A only accepts low DC outputs from PV panels.

Raymond I don’t understand what you mean since I charge my EB3A through 220V, so why not the 220V from the solar panel ?

Well, the short answer is, if you connect the 220v panel you will destroy the Bluetti, probably with a big puff of smoke that won’t smell too good :)

Bluetti is not compatible with micro inverters. It’s a different technology mostly for roof mounted solar arrays to send power back to the utility grid.

You need to connect panels based on the requirements of the Bluetti.

You can either use AC or DC power to charge the EB3A, but the PV panels generate DC power, then through inverters is converted to AC power. The EB3A has to rectify and convert that to DC power to charge the internal battery. There is plenty of losses due to the conversions.

Remove the inverters and use only DC power to charge the EB3A battery.