Connecting B230 to AC200P with solar

Bluetti shows option to connect B230 to AC200P via D050s and P090D to XT90 cable to AC port. This leaves PV open for 700W solar. Is this better than B230 to PV port and solar to AC port via D050s which has only 500W input. I hope this question makes sense. Newbie trying to figure solar setups.

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Hi @jayt , Yes, your understanding is completely correct.

I tried that setup and found out the the AC200 does not back feed the B230, so I had to use the AC brick to plug into the B230 to keep it power up. The B230 only input 200 watts so it will drain its power and turn off in the middle of the night. That is why I quit using that setup. I plan on replacing my AC200 with a AC200max so I can have the B230 charged from the AC200max.

Thanks for response. I wish you had an option on which connecting cable you get when ordering the B230.

I agree, my cable is setting in the closet.

if you have 1200W of solar split into 2 groups,
feed 500W solar into B230, plug B230 into AC of AC200P (via cable or D050s)
feed 700W solar into PV of AC200P.

otherwise you can only max out at 1000W.
feed 500W solar into B230, plug B230 into PV of AC200P
feed 500W solar via D050S into AC of AC200P.

Thanks for response Ischiedel.