Connecting AC500 & B300S to the home grid (Germany)

Hi everybody and greetings from Germany. I’m planning to hook up a AC500 & B300S to my home grid to prepare for power outages that are bound to happen this winter. I have a solar roof (AC output only). Has anyone tried this before, using the USV functionality, and what sort of additional hardware do I need? Many thanks.

I am currently planning to do the same with an AC300.

This is my idea:

I want an electrician to install an emergency power switch (EATON UMSCHALTER, T0, 20 A) and then feed with a CEE plug with the L1 bridged to l2, l3.

Power devices that require three phases must then be switched off before.

I’m also from Germany and have an AC200Max + B230 up and running. I charge it from the solar roof when there is power left controlled by suny homew manger and two switchable plugs.
I installed with a 2 way relay an automatic switch between main power and Bluetti together with a 220V monitoring unit. You need to switch neutral as well, as the Bluetti is a kind of isle supply. You loads must be complete disconnected from the main when you power it from Bluetti. I would also put additional a 10A fuse between Bluetti and your load, just to be sure.
You need to be a electrian to be be able to install it in Germany, there is no ready to use solution.


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German Youtuber “Proofwood” has some great tutorials explaining the AC300-to-home grid connection.
You probably know that only a certified electrician is officially allowed to make the install…
Let’s hope for the best this winter! :cold_face:

Proofwood is good, but questions still remain. I’m pondering whether interested members of the Bluetti community could collaborate to hire an electrician to create a sample wiring diagram, complete with materials list and installation instructions, for specific scenarios (e.g., AC500 for backup power, AC500 as a buffer battery for an AC-managed PV system, an AC500 that does both). That would make things easier for my local electrician, who may not have the experience.