Connecting AC500 120v 50a to a tiny home that has a 240v panel

I’ve paid a contractor to build a tiny home for me, but we’re not sure how to configure the panel. All of the appliances in the tiny home are 120v and will require no more than 50amps total.

I bought an AC500 and 6 B300s batteries to power the house via solar.

The plan was to use a standard 240v panel on the tiny home, but the AC500 can provide only 120v.

What issues (if any) will I run into if I simply connect the 240v panel to the 120v/50a outlet on the AC500?

I’m new at this and I would greatly appreciate any advice.


It all depends on the purpose of the timy home. If it will be off grid all the time, you can rewire the panel for just 120 VAC and have the panel feed only from the AC500 and its batteries. The AC500 can then feed off from the utility or PV panels. The negative part is that you cannot use any 240 VAC appliances. Or else, leave the 240 VAC panel, then add a second AC500 and batteries in a split phase setup. You can use any 240 VAC appliance but it will cost more.

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