Connecting AC200P to another AC200P

Is it possible to connect these two together to get optimum performance?

I have been connecting my AC200Max to my EP500 for months. The advantage is my EP500 UPS feature supplies power thru the ac input of the AC200max. In your case, neither one of the AC200P has a UPS built-in so I do not see any advantage, unless one system has solar panels connected to it.

So if I have solar panels connected to one of the units how can I connect the 2nd unit?

The second unit is plug in thru the ac brick from the first unit. This way the first unit supplies ac to the second unit at 400-500 watts ( about 4 to 5 hours charging time) then the first unit solar panels will charge the first unit. I have over-paneled my AC200max (1500 watts vs 900 watts max) so on cloudy day I still get some solar power.

Thank you that’s good to know :blush::raised_hands:t2: Will both units receive power from the solar panels or do I have to solar charge them separately? I truly appreciate your answers :pray:t3:

You may be better off splitting your panels between the systems, half on one and the other half on the other, depending on how many panels you have. With solar connected to only one, and it charging the second AC200 through the AC output, you will take a pretty heavy efficiency hit as each power conversion introduces power losses.

No, only the first unit, but the second one will get free ac power from the first one. Do not worry about the overhead power loss because the solar power is free and overhead does not matter. I said I been using this hook-up for months. I use the second unit for the most critical units like the internet, routers and refrigerator.

Using this configuration, you get 3500 watts of power for critical units: 2000 + 2000 - 500 ( ac brick power to charge the second unit). 2000+2000-500 watts = 3500 watts.

Perfect that’s a great idea. This is what I gathered:
Unit 2 will power unit one with DC adapter, so I would plug in the solar panels into unit one so it is continuously getting power as it is charging unit 2 :blush::raised_hands:t2: Thank you very much this truly helps :hugs:

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I considered this option but after reading the other option I think that will work best. I truly appreciate your input :blush: thank you

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If you have enough solar power that option works great too. But if you run short you can always reconfigure and can perhaps get 15% more energy.

I have enough for the one unit, since I live in California we get plenty of sun to continuously charge my panels :sweat_smile:

I have three AC200P units and would love to connect two of them to make a larger unit. Right now I do that using the brick/wall charger - what it the other way you mentioned? DC output to DC input? Does that cord come with the unit?

Does the DC output cord make the same noise with the fan as the wall brick?

You could connect the car charge cord to the Car socket outlet in Unit #2 and connect that cord to Unit #1 via the aviation / XT60 input cord. This could give you an extra 100 watts to add to the AC brick charging method. Alternatively, you could do the AC brick charging from Unit #2 to unit #1 and then take unit #3 and power the AC charging brick to charge Unit #2 and connect all three at the same time.