Connecting AC200P to AC200MAX

I currently have an AC200P and was interested in adding the AC200MAX for its additional features. How can you connect an AC200P to an AC200MAX? Any features lost on the newer unit?

They can’t be “synced” together if that’s what you mean… but you can use one to charge the other if needed? Not sure why you would need to tho?

The expansion batteries b230 & b300 can be synced with the AC200Max tho!!

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I would use the AC200MAX as my primary unit and the current AC200P as additional battery capacity. This would be instead of adding a B230 battery to the less capable AC200P.

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@PowerBob alright I gotcha. I guess the problem I would see in that case is you’re gonna lose a lot of efficiency. Unfortunately these 2 units are both pretty power hungry as it is.

In my experience with these beasts, it’s best to try and pull as much power as possible out of them at one time. Meaning, don’t just try charging 1 small load at a time. Stack all your appliances into one at the same time that need to be charged/ran. The longer the device is turned on, the more idle draw wattage is going to be wasted.

Here’s a pic of how much is used without any items even plugged in…


Thank you for your responses. What cable/connector would connect the AC200P as auxiliary power supply to an AC200MAX?

@PowerBob you can’t directly connect the ac200p to be an “auxiliary power supply” for the Max. The only way to transfer the battery from the 200p to the max would be to simply plug in the Max’s charging brick into the ac outlet of the ac200p… and like I said man, you’re gonna end up wasting a lot of battery doing it this way. Cause you’re taking DC power & inverting it to AC and that’s just kind of silly in this application. I would just keep the units separate and run one down fully and then while it’s charging back up, use the other one.

They aren’t meant to be “synced” together.

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Chaining one to the other with AC adapter is going to be inefficient. You will loose 20% on the first DC/AC, then 10-20% again on AC/DC, then potentially 10-20% again on battery charging. You will likely only get 50% or around 1kwh capacity out that way.

Does the 200P offer a DC output? If it is of decent power, then you may be able to charge the AC200max that way and only incur 20-30% losses. You may get 1.5kwh hour.

He’s to just use them one after another.

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Sorry that we don’t suggest adding AC200P to AC200MAX due to lots of wasted power. If you need an additional battery, B230 and B300 can meet your needs.