Connecting AC200P to 30Amp RV using 12v/25A aviation cable?

Is there a way to connect the AC200P to my Class-C RV using the 12v/25A aviation cable? I’d like to run the AC (with SoftStartRV) and the Fridge while we are on the road. Has anyone already done this? Thanks.

Your RV ac unit requires 120 volt power and the 12V/25 amp aviation port provides 12 volt DC which will not operate your air conditioner.

Yea as Scott said, your ac unit will probably be pulling even more then the 25a max the ac200 aviation plug allows unfortunately. I did see that dometic has come out with a ridiculously efficient 12v DC air conditioner but believe even that one pulls up to 58a@12VDC during the surge/compressor startup.

You can plug your entire rigs “shore” line directly into a ac output of the AC200 via adapter but you won’t be able to run it very long at all. Haha BUT it can be done and will run your high draw appliances for a limited time!

Keep an eye out for the B230 when it gets released on the 15th… this will expand the ac200 battery capacity and might be a nice option for you!

Thanks for the feedback.

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If you have dual alternators you could install a 40amp or higher DC to DC charger. This would charge your AC200P while your powering your AC and fridge THROUGH THE AC200P while driving.