Connecting AC200MAX and B230 with different SOC

Is it OK to connect the AC200MAX to a B230 when the AC200MAX is say at 40% and the B230 is at 100%? Thank you.

It can be connected and used, but it is best to fully charge the AC200Max as well before using it.

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@BLUETTI Thank you, but in what way is it better to charge the AC200MAX first? Or, to put it another way, in what way is it worse, not to charge to 100%?

It is recommended to use the grid to charge the AC200MAX first.
The battery pack is similar to the SOC of the host, so that charging and discharging is better.

@BLUETTI OK, so I think I can do what I want to do without issue. My AC200MAX and B230 are never similar anyway. This week for example, after charging to 100% using AC, 3 days later they are AC200MAX 98%, B230 40%. Yes, I have reset the BMS multiple times, it doesn’t make any difference.