Connecting a T400 & T500 charger together

Just a thought or question to anybody of interest, as the PV Input of the AC200Max is 900W can you or has anybody connected a T400 & T500 together in series to maximise the charging input.

This is totally separate to using a T500 to charge via the AC Input Port.

In addition to my earlier post here, from what I can see, and would appreciate the input from Bluetti or others, the T400 & T500 are not switch mode power supplies but linear charges so in theory they should be able to be connected in series with a power diode for protection across each output. Say a 10A 100V power diode should do the trick.

The T400 and T500 cannot be connected in series. You can also charge the AC200MAX with two adapters if you want to increase the charging power.
The T400 and T500 are switching power supplies. Another external power diode is a bit impractical. The adapter also has internal protection.

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Appreciate the clarification from Bluetti that these are indeed switch mode power supplies which now makes my idea not available.