Connecting a Bluetti to a non-Bluetti SubPanel

I have a prebuilt shed that is prewired witth a 100 amp breaker box. I do not plan on connecting it to the Grid at all, so will treat either my AC200P or my EP500Pro as th main power source. So I don’t need the Bluetti Subpanel (which just acts as manual transfer switch from grid to solar generator). I will just wire directly to the panel, skipping the sub panel.

Any suggestions for how to connect it?

Clarifications: I am only going tto be using led lights in various rooms, and maybe a low watt fan or two. In honesty, even an AC70 is probably overkill for how I will be powering this thing. My main goal is only to be able to power all the circuits for LED lights.

BTW - 20 amps would more than power the entire circuitry for what I am wanting. Any reason I can’t just plug in an extension cord to the AC200P, and then cut off the other end of the cord and just wire it directly into the panel as the main power souce???

Just need connectivity ideas. Thanks in advance!


You could use an extension cord that is wired directly to your (isolated from the grid) panel.

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Yes, you can do that.

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