Connecting 2 EP500P to Sub panel- no power

This is an OFF-GRID set up:

I replaced my old sub panel with the new Bluetti sub panel. I temporarily connected my old battery/inverter set up to the sub panel using a #12 wire to the 50 amp breaker ( after disconnecting the pre-wired wires that plug into the EP500P. I also had to use a jumper between poles for 120v). The sub panel worked great. All 4 circuits functioned properly.

I then reconnected the pre-wired Bluetti wires back to the same terminals they were on (after disconnecting the inverter wire/jumper). I turned everything on and swithed bot units to AC load. Nothing. No power.

I then disconnected my “inverter wire” from the old inverter… andwired onto the 50 amp breaker in the sub panel (after disconnecting Bluetti wires) then plugged the male end of that into the smaller Bluetti junction box… then plugged the junction bot wire into one of the EP500…and it worked.

My question: Why doesnt the power go into the sub panel from the units?

Do I need to install the “fix” wires/hardware. in order for this to work? If so, how do I do that?

Thanks for any help.


Hi @AdkGuy , sorry for late reply.
May I ask if your problem has been solved now? If not yet, I am sending you a diagram. Hope it will help.

Thanks… I figure out what I was doing wrong. Setting on the units themselves not set to split phae master/slave.

More videos and owners manual information on full “off-grid” setup for the "DYI"er would be very much welcome. Most of info is on grid-tied set up. Thanks for the reply

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