Connecting 12V RV cable aviation plug into 12V/25A DC Output of AC200P

It is my understanding that the 12V RV cable aviation plug 2 pin male should plug into the 12V/25A DC Output 2 pin female port of the AC200P. It seems like female plug has 3 plastic elements that block the male 12V RV cable from pushing in even when lining up the pins and pulling back the outer black metal sleeve of 12V cable. The 12V aviation plug cable outer black metal sleeve is not threaded when the female 12V port is threaded. This connection makes no sense. Can you please provide info on how to connect into this 12V/25A DC output?

stafforb Having the same issue. Have you gotten this resolved, if so how? Thanks!

After 2 months I got response from Bluetti per below. Not sure I understand answer but seems like they are shipping wrong RV cable for unit. By this time I had allready returned unit as I am done with wasting time and need a power station to work so I bought the Oukitel brand for $600 less. Best of luck.

Also, just letting you know, I figure out what happens with the RV cable for AC200P.
The AC200P you received is the new one, but the RV cable is improved, we need to send the RV cable for AC200Max to you, maybe it will work for the AC200P, since the port is changed to the one that is the same as the AC200Max.

Thank yo for the info! A lot faster than customer service…