Confusion from B230 owner's manual

I have two new B230 external batteries with my AC200Max. The Owner’s Manual front page calls them the “B230 Portable Power Station.” Then on the safety instructions it say: DO NOT stack anything on top of the power station (I’m assuming they mean the B230 battery) while in storage or while in use. Here’s the problem: I carefully built a Faraday box from door skin plywood covered with three layers of aluminum foil that fits over what I call my “power tower” of stacked B230 batteries (on the bottom) and the AC200Max on top. The cables that come with the external batteries are too short to do much else than stack everything vertically! Now I learn that I’m NOT to stack anything on these external batteries, even though I have seen multiple photos from Bluetti with the external batteries under the main power converter/battery (in my case the AC200Max). What’s the problem? Too heavy? Builds up heat? Any knowledgeable advise from the Community would be appreciated!

Jim Morrison

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Been running mine stacked (2x B230 with AC200Max on top) for 6 months, no issue. Looking at temperature, the bottom B230 runs 2 degC colder than the second on top of it. No big difference and both still run cooler than the AC200Max unit itself which run it’s battery about 5 degC warmer.

I have my AC200 Max on a small cart. To the left of the cart are 3 batteries stacked on each other.
First is B300, then 2 b230’s. If the 230’s run out of juice I unplug BOTH and plug in the B300. All cables work in length.

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