Competition energy storage system on Kickstarter using solid state cells

Today I saw on Kickstarter a new energy storage system project that will compete against Bluetti and two others, uses solid state cells instead of LFP cells, holds much more energy with larger batteries, and is more expensive. Read more here:

Seems interesting but one must evaluate all the specifications before backing this project. The 240 VAC application is my main interest but I still believe that the Bluetti application is better.

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Did you buy one of the Zendure unit. Sound like Bluetti may have a hard time selling their new unit EP600 without 240 volts capability. Good find!

No, and I will never buy one. They have a link to “size up” or configure a setup according to the appliances and power consumption, so I tried that. The configuration that it generated had enough energy storage, but its 240 VAC power output is limited to 15 A. The Bluetti AC300 setup that I have (and using since Sept 18th ) gives me 30 A. That alone disqualifies it. Most Bluetti customers who buy the AC300 and EP500 with the Fusion Boxes need 30 A at 240 VAC. The AC500 can supply up to 50 A.