Compatible wind turbine.

Has anyone found a wind turbine that works with AC 300 and or AC 500?
I assume it has to fall within the same parameters as solar charging. 12amps, 12-150v (AC300)


Wind turbines sound ideal, but the reality is they are noisy, break down often, and there are plenty of complaints that there is too narrow a window of when the wind was strong enough or too strong. The wind had to be just right to get any power from them. (They disconnect the electronics internally when the wind is too strong.)
I had dreams of retiring on a nice big sailboat so I read up on everything I could find, magazine subscriptions and forums. All the Liveaboard crowd (people who live full time on their boats), thought wind turbines would be their salvation to throw away their gas generators, or running the diesel boat engine just to recharge the battery bank.

Then the complaints started showing up along with choice cuss words. When they did work, you would be facing an angry mob of fellow liveaboards at night trying to sleep. And hearing it all day long while sailing got old pretty quick. They also didn’t last long exposed to the elements with fan blades constantly breaking or the electronics burning up. Plus it took a good bit of wind to produce any kind of power, but not too much or the built in generator had to disengage and let the blades spin freely.
It wasn’t long before it was a common sight to see them in the trash cans, and the liveaboards were back to gas generators and/or solar panels, which also didn’t work out as well as they hoped. If you know anything about sailboats, there aren’t a whole lot of places that get constant sun because of all the sails being moved from one side to the other. Most were resigned to using panels only in the morning and evening while anchored, hanging off the sides facing the sun.

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Thank you for your insight. Sound shouldn’t be a problem for me as I have a few acres. I was wondering if there is anything compatible because I’m in an area with consistent wind and would like an energy boost at night.

well thanks sir - this answers the questions I came to ask

Hi @bluetti_pconnorshotmailcom

Wind turbines have one problem. The really high voc. Depend on which turbine you have there can be 300V and more when they spin without to charge something. That kill any Solar MPPT. I try that project for myself, no solution for that.

Now i have a sperate charging controller which is connected to a 48V Battery System with a inverter. Not ideal but i charge my powerstations via AC Outlet from the inverter