Compatible solar panel for EB150

So does anyone know if i can use a single Sunpower 170 watt flexible high efficiency solar panel with the Bluetti eb150 power station? Amazon sells it Model ( SPR-E-FLEX-170 6X8.) I thought i saw something about voltage of the panel needing to be 24 not 12 for the EB150, or the open circuit voltage was important? The Sunpower 170 has open circuit voltage of 34.6 and rated voltage of 29.4 Will this panel work? Its a square panel and I’m working with a vehicle roof and it is the perfect size. I need something squarish not rectangular and flexible thats 150-200 watts. My roof is about 51x41 or 55x41 if i remove an antenna.

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I don’t have the EB150 but just looked at its specs from the manual on and saw that it’s solar input accepts 16-60V & 10a. With that panels VOC rating of 34.6v & 6.15a (ISC) you will be completely fine using that panel on your rig.

Sunpower makes some amazing and efficient solar cells and you’re gonna love them! Bluetti also features these sunpower cells in both their sp120 & sp200 portable panels. They aren’t the “flexible” type but do feature lower VOC ratings, that could possibly allow you to connect 2 in series if you wanted to increase your wattage intake down the road.

Ok well thank you so much

The EB150 Voc spec was changed to 16-68 volts. The manual and some places on some sites still list it as 16-60. I emailed Bluetti back in January and that spec of 16-68 was verified in a reply from them. I successfully got my EB150 to work when the Voc was 67.5 volts. So 1 of the panels should work.

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Say I have a Bluetti Maxoak EB150.
Max watt input is 500 watts
The max voltage input is 60V & the max amp input is 10a on the Bluetti.
I am looking at two solar panels that are 210 watts each.
Each panel is 19.83 volts and 12.48 amps.
I will be wiring them in series, so the voltage will be 39.66 which is way under the maximum of 60 volts.
But even though the amps won’t change, the amps will be 12.48
Can I hook these two panels to the EB150?

Yes you can, but you will be limited to 10 amps of input and will not receive the full potential of each panel. In real life, your panels will rarely reach maximum output so you are not missing out on much.